UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Multicolored Design Shoes Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Multicolored Design Shoes Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Men Time Legacy Men Canvas loafers

Time Legacy Men Multicolored Design Shoes

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Size chart

  • Canvas;
  • COMFORT & LIGHTWEIGHT Comfortable casual canvas shoes sneakers with super lightweight for outdoor sports hiking walking running and travel;
  • STYLISH ART PRINTED Unique design painted in fashion by Spain designer perfect for wearing with any attire;
  • SOFT INNER-Microfiber suede upper with 0.35 inch inner cushioning of these shoes is super comfortable to provide unmatched support;
  • SLIP RESISTANT - Soles of the shoes are durable and have remarkable traction to ensure that you are stable on your feet during any casual activity;
  • EASY TO SLIP IN AND TAKE OFF-Perfect shape of the arch, accommodate the shape of your arch to achieve the most comfortable fit.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY-UIN' canvas pairs and microfiber leather pairs?are made by environmentally-friendly materials, choices for?environmentalists and vegetarians.

Design Concept

Our life is not monochromatic but colorful; it should not be at a hideously colorful mess but an organized arrangement.

Adding the colorful brick element, our UIN shoes display such a positive life attitude. Breaking the confinement of pure color, casual selection of diversified bright hues―dark green, bright red, sharp orange, etc., to bring out the extreme visual shock and inspire us to pursue varied activities to furnish our lives. As for rectangular shape, it is derived from the colorful architecture designs in Spain, a top tourist attraction. Our UIN shoes wish to be with you, to step into the journey to explore the dreamlike and colorful world.


Born in Toledo, Spain - UIN Footwear's pairs are a testament to two passions — travel and art. As discovering new places is associated with excitement and joy, UIN canvas shoes underline those positive feelings through colorful and artistic patterns. Although each story is different, we strongly believe that with a positive attitude, even the most challenging situation or demanding travel plan can be successfully completed. That’s why undergoing new adventures and coloring stories are the way to express beauty, passion and freedom. U IN Story: Paint your story, Free your sole. The artistic touch of Fernando Acevedo’s design highlights the enthusiasm to life, chase for freedom and love for traveling. UIN painted canvas shoes are crafted simply for free spirits who embark on all of life's adventures in style.

UIN shoes are the result of the aesthetic vision of Fernando Acevedo – Spanish artist strongly linked with Barcelona and Toledo. Inspired by the exceptional artwork of Antoni Gaudi, Fernando incorporated subtle Spanish elements into UIN shoe design. This is why UIN Footwear bears Acevedo’s signature – a map of Spanish city Toledo imprinted on the underside of each shoe. Additionally, all UIN shoes pay tribute to Gaudi’s artwork Casa Milaà whose wavy structure was adopted in a curvature of UIN shoe sole representing Gaudi’s artistic belief – “The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God.”  

1. Soft RPS Cushion incorporated in UIN loafers.

The insoles of UIN loafers are made of soft and breathable OrthoLite material that provides a comfortable fit and sensory stimulation. Soft RPS Cushion with the responsive technology applied is designed to deliver massage experience and exceptional comfort during both static and dynamic activities. Soft external Cushion elements stimulate feet gently, while the inner part of the foam prevents insole compression. Unlike traditional cushion, UIN RPS insole compresses less than 5% across the product’s lifetime, providing long-lasting fit, performance, and comfort. High-breathability materials eliminate the moisture, maintaining a dry environment for the feet. Unique features of carefully selected breathable materials mask unpleasant odors and act as a buffer to protect your feet from harmful microbes. UIN Soft Responsive Cushions are easy to maintain due to washing machine friendly features. 


2. SARP Shock Guard Technology

UIN loafers have cutting-edge SARP Shock Guard Technology integrated for the purpose of reducing foot pressure. The parts of the feet which are the most exposed to the pressure during dynamic activities are covered with Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate known for its shock-absorbing properties and buoyancy. The remaining part of UIN insoles is made of the carefully chosen proportion of OrthoLite and Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate to deliver the optimal balance between support and cushioning. SARP Insole Solution incorporated in UIN loafers’ pad effectively absorbs shocks and reduces foot pressure allowing to minimize the risk of injuries and improving comfort for prolonged walking & standing sessions. The versatility of SARP shock guards helps to distribute pressure, provide stability, balance, and comfort during both static and dynamic activities.

 3. Arch Support System

UIN Footwear incorporates in its insole structure Arch Support System to provide a firm platform of arch support and therefore preventing overpronation associated with flattening of the feet. Integrating Arch Support System with a shoe foam makes UIN insole suitable for individuals with the highest expectations of comfort. The arch support system is designed to reduce the occurrence of Plantar Fasciitis pain and significantly improve comfort during extended periods of standing and walking sessions. Arch Support System incorporated in UIN loafers helps to maintain correct body posture, comfort, and protection. 


Measure Your Feet for A Perfect Fit! 

  1. Place a paper sheet on the floor against a wall;
  2. Stand on  the paper sheet placing your heel against the wall;
  3. Draw a mark at the end of your longest toe;
  4. Measure the distance between the mark and the border of the paper sheet.


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